2023 Capacity Update – Mechanically Lined Pipe

Cladtek reaffirms its capability to deliver Mechanically Lined Pipe (MLP) in 2023 with an available global MLP capacity of 270km. With a diversified supply chain and strategically located manufacturing facilities, Cladtek is well-positioned to deliver MLP without disruption, geopolitical risk or energy surcharges.

Cladtek has been producing MLP for the Oil & Gas industry since 2003 with over 700 km installed and currently operational globally. Cladtek has two MLP manufacturing facilities located in Batam, Indonesia (Asia Pacific) and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (South America). Cladtek’s MLP manufacturing capability is unrivalled globally with an available size range from 4” to 36”. Paul Montague, founder of Cladtek, commented on Cladtek’s capabilities, saying “we continue to invest and push the envelope with MLP development, recently qualifying 36” MLP. Our capabilities are unmatched globally.”

2023 Cladtek Capacity and Investment Plan

The global market for MLP continues to grow because its technically and commercially superior performance is resulting in widespread adoption and increased demand. Cladtek recognises the future MLP supply challenges faced by its customers and understands the supply constraint is forcing potential customers to take significant risks in qualifying inferior products and manufacturers without a proven track record.

Cladtek has taken steps to expand its capacity to cater for the increased demand. The ongoing expansion will increase Cladtek’s global MLP capacity by 60% and will be fully operational by the Q3 2023. Cladtek also continues to invest in local economies, increasing local content, domestic value creation and providing local employment opportunities.

Cladtek has pioneered the development of MLP by introducing weld overlay ends, resulting in widespread adoption of this technology. Cladtek continues to innovate and lead MLP product development globally with the largest installed MLP at a diameter of 24”. The main applications for MLP are subsea flowlines and riser pipes, including in difficult areas such as steel catenary risers and lazy wave risers. MLP is well suited for a variety of pipe-laying methods, including traditional methods such as S-lay, J-lay, bundle, as well as reel-lay techniques.