We’ve developed a reputation as a game-changing enterprise willing to break new ground and develop new technologies in our industry.

Yet while we’ve pioneered and implemented new products and being recognised for our innovation we are as equally focused on applying meticulous process and procedure to all that we do.

We understand that trusted partnerships are built on the consistent delivery of high-quality solutions and on providing outcomes that best serve our clients. To achieve that we apply the blowtorch to all aspects of our business in a spirit of transparency and of continuous improvement.

As we’ve grown globally we’ve sought to engage with local communities and institutions, to build opportunity and commerce at a grass roots level. We’re proud of the partnerships that we currently have with 14 universities to help train, educate and grow the most robust and skilful workforce that we can.

We’re known for embracing formidable manufacturing challenges and for always engineering a solution that works. We have fortitude in overcoming challenges and we thrive on achieving results that surpass our clients expectations.