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ESG Grievance & Whistleblow Channel

On behalf of the ESG Committee, we extend a warm greeting to our valued external stakeholders. We are committed to maintaining a transparent and ethical work environment, where the concerns and feedback of all individuals associated with our organization are heard and addressed.

Our Grievance and Whistleblow Channel serves as a confidential platform for anyone to report concerns, violations, or potential wrongdoing within our company. We take these matters seriously and are dedicated to conducting thorough investigations to ensure that appropriate action is taken.

We are grateful for your trust and commitment to integrity. Together, we can build a stronger organization and make a positive impact within our community.


ESG Committee

Whistleblow Channel

In the event of witnessing or suspecting any form of unethical behavior, fraud, violations of laws and regulations, or any activity that may compromise our integrity, we encourage you to use the Whistleblow Channel.

To report your concerns through this secure channel, kindly email us at:

Grievance Channel

For matters pertaining to personal grievances, conflicts, or concerns related to company policies, procedures, or interpersonal issues, please use the Grievance Channel.

To submit your concern via email, please send it to