Cladtek Academy

Opening Ceremony of Cladtek Academy 2nd Batch. Attended by Deputy Mayor of Batam, Indonesia.

Signing of MoU Between Cladtek Arabia and Dammam Secondary Industrial Institute

The Cladtek Training Academy (CTA) is a global learning and development centre with the aim of becoming an Independent Business Unit focusing on People Development & Certification.
The Academy has both internal and external business objectives. Internally the Academy aims to:

  • Increase employee capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Create opportunity for flexible resource allocation/mobilisation
  • Optimise the headcount
  • Improve production quality and reliability
  • Provide internal certification

Externally the objectives are to:

  • Gain a positive reputation and market trust in the competency and capability of Cladtek’s people
  • Create a future talent pool (school and community based) which will be the vehicle for Cladtek’s Community Development program
  • Provide external certification for the Welding & Additive Manufacturing Industries in the future

The Academy has developed a well-structured and thorough framework with clear purpose, regulations and references Talent Pool, Qualifications and Career Development.
Through the Academy Cladtek also provides partnership opportunities with educational Institutions, encompassing Qualifications and Learning, Apprenticeship programs and Process Improvement Training. Educational Partnership.

For any enquiries regarding The Cladtek Training Academy please contact Cladtek’s Head Office.