Cladtek Awarded ESG Initiative of the Year 2022

Cladtek has been awarded the ESG Initiative of the Year Award for 2022 at the recent Asian Oil & Gas Awards Presentation. These awards recognize outstanding achievement in a range of categories, and Cladtek is the first company in the cladding industry to implement ESG initiatives.

In 2022, the Cladtek team worked to develop and implement a solid ESG framework across its global operations. This presented formidable challenges considering the multinational cultural and operational footprint that the company has.

Each and every employee of the company (over 2000) was trained in the ESG program across multi-sites, with materials and communications provided in 4 different languages.

The ESG initiative reflects and establishes Cladtek’s commitment to the protection of the environment, surrounding biodiversity, and communities, as well as the promotion of efficient use of natural resources to reduce the CO2 footprint in line with the Paris Agreement.

Importantly, the ESG program provides employees with a safe, healthy working environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, and exploitation. It definitively protects the rights of all and communicates clear intent and action in how the company engages with all stakeholders, including the supply chain, customers, investors, local communities, government agencies, and other external partners, to create a more harmonious society and a greener, sustainable planet.

The ESG initiative is underpinned by Cladtek’s IN-Shield program, which is focused around 9 Core Competencies comprising Safety, Strategy & ESG, Innovation, Quality, Cost, Performance, Continuous Improvement, Supply Chain, and People & Culture. IN-Shield is based on the Lean Manufacturing methodology, improving the synergy between the key areas of the entire organization and providing a true north direction to achieve gold standards.

One of the most important considerations in developing and deploying the ESG framework was the realization that people are the most vital assets of the company, essential for sustainable growth. The ESG program reinforces this reality and builds a culture where employees are at the forefront and immensely valued for their contribution. CEO Mr. Lee Wilson says, “We want Cladtek to become the Employer of Choice, where the respect we have for each individual is all-pervading, and where each person is encouraged and resourced to achieve their absolute best.”

Lee is effusive in his praise for the formidable diligence and focus that the Cladtek team has steadfastly employed to create and implement the ESG framework. However, he is a man with his feet firmly on the ground. In his own words, “While we are thrilled to receive this prestigious award, we are mindful that this is just the beginning and that there is much to be done.”

Cladtek’s sites are set on meeting their commitment to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% between now and 2025. To achieve this, they are undertaking a number of initiatives which include the use of solar energy, digitization, introducing electric vehicles to the fleet, developing a greener and cleaner supply chain, reducing business travel, improving operational efficiency, and waste management around reduction and recycling.

The future bodes well for companies that can embrace and implement a robust and actionable ESG program. Cladtek firmly believes that their ESG-compliant framework will interest investors, shareholders, and financial institutions, providing additional impetus to enable Cladtek’s future expansion plans in delivering additive solutions across Oil & Gas, Marine, Power, Geo-Thermal, and Renewable energies throughout the globe.

Combined with their unique, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly reduced CO2 footprint and an extensive product range consisting of MLP, WOLF, Fittings, and Flanges, Induction Bends, Risers, Valves, Gaskets, Pressure Vessels, and Skids, the growth opportunities appear limitless.