Cladtek MLP in Operation Mero 1 FPSO for Ultra Deep Dynamic Riser Flowline Service

Cladtek delivered 96km of 6″ and 8″ MLP for Brazil’s Mero 1 Project in 2021, the first full MLP deployment for
ultra‐deep dynamic riser flowline service. The pipes used in the rigid riser and flowline system to connect 13
wells (6 production wells and 7 water alternate gas injection wells) in the pre‐salt field Mero 1, part of the Libra
reservoir. Mero 1 is the first pre‐salt project to use Mechanically Lined Pipe from top to bottom of the riser
section, including the fatigue sensitive sections.

Mero 1 risers follow an innovative concept, using Mechanically Lined Pipes from platform to seabed, whilst
installed by Reel‐Lay. Pipeline design counts with the liner stiffness to counter its tendency to “wrinkle” during
installation – as opposed to pressurized installation previously used. Refinements in pipe‐end design during
project execution caused a part of the MLP scope carried out with the application of additional CRA
reinforcement on top of the transition from clad to liner. This preventive action further guarantees no such
feature will occur during installation, as validated during full‐scale validations.

The team faced technical challenges such as HTHP conditions, ultra‐deep waters (2100m), sour service
(CO2/SSC), stringent tolerances and acceptance criteria, and additional engineering and technical alignment
between parties to ensure pipeline integrity. Despite the challenges and uncertainties posed by the COVID
situation, the team remained collaborative and committed to ensuring safety, quality, and integrity.