Cladtek’s 20th Anniversary : Collaborate to Develop Resources to Maintain Cladtek’s Future Relevance and Sustainable Growth

In commemoration of Cladtek’s 20th anniversary, the preeminent pipe cladding company across Indonesia, Brazil, and Saudi Arabia has unveiled its 20th-anniversary emblem under the theme: “Building a Sustainable Future: 20 Years of Innovative Solutions.” This emblem symbolizes the unwavering commitment of all Cladtek personnel to perpetuate their paramount contributions, upholding relevance and fostering sustainable growth, thereby ensuring its utility for both contemporary and future exigencies within the manufacturing sector of Indonesia and beyond.

The significance of Cladtek’s 20th anniversary is underscored by its unprecedented decision to forge a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Indonesian Oil and Gas Production Facilities Expert Association (IAFMI). This strategic collaboration holds profound importance as it enables symbiotic knowledge exchange among seasoned professionals engaged in upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas operations. Together, they can cultivate best practices, share insights, and harness specialized expertise to address industry-specific challenges with efficacy.

“As a corporate entity deeply committed to sustainable growth alongside societal advancement, Cladtek, with its longstanding presence in Indonesia spanning two decades, eagerly anticipates the unwavering support of IAFMI. Particularly, in fostering organizational development, nurturing human capital, and catalyzing technological advancements,” articulated Iban Salda Safwan, Senior Vice President of People & Culture at Cladtek Group. Iban espouses the conviction that cohesive collaboration and robust teamwork will expedite the realization of mutual aspirations and objectives.

Taufik Aditiyawarman, Chairman of IAFMI, concurs, remarking that collaboration with PT. Cladtek BI-Metal Manufacturing (Cladtek Indonesia) is emblematic of IAFMI’s commitment to bolstering technological advancements and nurturing local talent.

Consequently, the advent of IAFMI is poised to incentivize Cladtek towards greater utilization of domestic products (PDN) and bolstering the participation of local and national manpower. Thus, ensuring their sustained leadership within Cladtek’s trajectory of sustainable growth.

To fortify the bonds between both entities, Cladtek and IAFMI recently co-hosted the “Cladtek 20th Anniversary Golf Day” at the prestigious Modern Golf & Country Club, Tangerang, West Java. This event forms part of the ongoing series of Cladtek’s anniversary celebrations, alongside a Futsal/Soccer Tournament engaging both employees and the local community, slated for February 2024.

Cladtek’s 20th-anniversary gala is slated to unfold concurrently across three nations: Batam, Indonesia; Dammam, Saudi Arabia; and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. The apex of this celebration in Indonesia is earmarked for Tuesday, February 6, 2024. The event will witness the esteemed presence of Cladtek’s founder, Paul Montague, Cladtek Group CEO, Lee Wilson, along with dignitaries from the energy sector, national technological spheres, esteemed business partners and more.